Sybella Jewellery

Elke White Rice Pearl Necklace


Elke White Rice Pearl Necklace 


White pearls with 925 silver clasp, may be either rhodium or gold plated clasp and chain 


42cm in length including clasp; option to extend by 3cm to 45cm 

Each pearl approx 7mm x 5mm in size 

Sybella Jewellery pieces are covered under a 1 Year Warranty from purchase date covering manufacturing and workmanship defects. If any Sybella Jewellery product is found to have manufacturing fault within the warranty period, it will be repaired (where possible).

Take care with your Sybella Jewellery piece by wiping it over with a soft cloth regularly. Avoid over-exposure to moisture, saltwater, showering, chemicals, cleaning products, perfumes, creams and sweat. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

For all plated pieces, ensure extra care is taken with the above. Any plated rings must be taken off regularly, and not in contact with moisturisers, hand sanitisers and sweat.


(NB: please note that rings will vary style to style based of their design, this is just a guide) 


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