One of Australia’s leading silver jewellery designers, Sydney based Sybella Morris opened the doors of Sybella Jewellery as a wholesaler in February, 1998.  Sybella’s vision of the brand was to create & supply luxury silver jewellery to the marketplace that would provide the modern-day woman the opportunity to express herself through stylish and classic designs.

After 22 years in wholesale & being at the forefront of the silver jewellery industry, we have opened an online retail store making Sybella Jewellery more widely available to all. The Sybella Jewellery online store offers high-quality pieces that have long been only available through our retailers.

Our vision is to enhance our Brand’s awareness in an ever-evolving world we live in.  We will continue to support & stock our beautiful jewellery throughout our loyal retail network whilst offering an online alternative to those who can’t access the stores. Every woman should be able to feel beautiful through accessorising with our luxurious jewellery, whether it one piece or a set.

Sybella Jewellery is also very proud of the support they continue to give to charities across Australia. One of our charities we are passionate about is the Dress for Success story. We donate a lot of end of line pieces to the Charity & by doing our bit we are able to make women who have suffered hardship & abuse feel supported & special on their journey back into the workforce. We also continue to give to other charities that being Breast & Ovarian Cancer research programmes. Many of our Retailers have their own in-store Charity events which in turn we continue to support.

Sybella Jewellery welcomes you all to our beautiful world of Jewellery & we will continue to create the pieces you all love.